Extreme weather conditions can catch out even the most experienced driver, especially those who have never had the opportunity to experience skidding in a controlled environment.

Our Skid Pan based in Kelvedon, Essex, will best prepare you for the worst of our unpredictable weather conditions.

The difference between a skid that momentarily frightens, to a skid that ends up a disaster is often the inexperience of the driver.

A session on the skid pan is for a minimum of 3 people and takes around 2 hours, for a larger group it would be three hours, our session bookings are 9am to 12 midday, 1pm to 4pm and during summer 5pm to 8pm. So booking are 3,6,8 or 10 people between these hours. The program – first is a series of exercises in car control dealing with a Rear Wheel Skid, a Front Wheel Skid, and a Four-Wheel Skid, using both front and rear wheel drive vehicles, we also have vehicles with modern safety electronics to experience first-hand what Electronic Stability Control does for you the driver. On completion of the set exercises we then do an exercise in car control called drifting, this is the fun part we don’t charge for! well nobody said you can’t enjoy the learning environment. Cost ¬£80.00 each.

Participants must be full licence¬†holders ” and you use our cars,

(There are exceptions to these 2 rules )

Registered Address: Middleborough House,16 Middleborough,Colchester,Essex, CO4 1QT

Free Phone: 08000016149
Email: [email protected]

There is No Requirement for advanced payment. We prefer you pay on the day and this can by cash cheque or BACs, We Do Not have a Card machine